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iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners

Let Roomba vacuum your floors

Say goodbye to your old vacuum cleaner and dirty floors and let the robot do the work. Roomba easily removes dirt, dust, crumbs and animal hairs all by itself. With the advanced technology, Roomba vacuums under furniture and it automatically adapts to different floor surfaces, e.g. thick carpets and wooden floors.

The side brush allows Roomba to clean close to walls and corners, giving you even cleaner results. 

Roomba has iAdapt technology that allows it to adapt to the surroundings. For the optimal vacuuming result, Roomba responds to the environment to make intelligent cleaning decisions. The robot monitors the surroundings more than 60 times per second and adapts its behavior accordingly.

The robot also automatically avoids stairs. Underneath the bumper, there are 4 cliff sensors that detect differences in level – making the robot change direction whenever it senses a drop-off. This means that you do not need to worry about blocking staircases, as the robot will not fall down and break.

The unique 3-step cleaning system allows Roomba to capture dirt and debris, ensuring you the best possible results:

  1. The small rotating brush (the side brush placed in one side under the robot) catches the dirt in corners and edges of the room, ensuring that the entire floor is thoroughly cleaned.

  2. The primary cleaning function (the large brushes placed under the robot) uses the same principles as the well-known turbo brushes from traditional vacuum cleaners. Two rotating brushes easily pick up the dirt from the floor – no more animal hairs, sand and dust bugs lying around.

  3. The final cleaning step is the actual vacuuming that removes the fine dust particles from the surface - simultaneously helping the brushes move hairs and dirt into the bin.


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